Removing makeup and cleansing my skin

Tested cleansing products for sensitive skin

Cleaning our faces at the end of the day is a must, no matter you had heavy make up or just your sun screen and moisturizer you need to clean your face to maintain a radiant looking skin.

Can we just wash our faces with water and soap?

why not!

But soaps are generally more irritating than cleansing products specifically designed for sensitive skins. Plus, you can’t remove properly your eye make up with soap. So we need a cleansing product. one of the products that I like and never caused any irritation to my skin is soothing cleansing milk by Garnier, it’s not expensive and does the job quite well.

Cleansing milk

Another product that I like is micellar water all-in-1 from Garnier, this product by itself can cleanse the skin, it is also a good toner. We don’t have to always use both of these products, I use the milk more for cleansing my eye make up and use the micellar water for the whole face, and sometimes only the micellar water, either way the final results are pretty good. However if you have waterproof make up most likely you can not remove it completely with micellar water and you need cleansing milk.

My every day toner and make up remover

I use cotton swap to remove any trace of make up left on the base of my lashes.

Other cleansing products that so far I had a good experience were from Yves rocher sensitive skin products. Of course, it is more expensive than Garnier but sometimes it is worth to spend more, depending on the type of skin you have, you may find one product suits your needs better, which is not necessarily the most expensive one.

Another product which is natural and works perfectly as a toner is Rose Water. There are a lot to talk about the fact and the myths about Rose water so I preferred to assign a post for just Rose water, so check it out please.

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