Dear friends!

Hi, I am so glad you are here, thank you so much for visiting my page. My name is Fatemeh, I live in Montreal with my husband and our two lovely kids. Several years ago I came here from the Middle East to pursue my Ph.D. and start a new life in Canada. Back home I was a pharmacist, and here in Canada, I am also a licensed pharmacist. From studying pharmacy in my home town to obtaining a degree from a Canadian university and again studying to be a Canadian licensed pharmacist, I learned so much that I can’t be grateful enough. I am so happy and excited to have this place to talk to you about what I learned along the journey.

The health and medication field is very vast but I like to focus on sensitive skin that has always been an issue for me. I am not an expert in beauty but I can share my experience and knowledge and willing to learn from yours.

I like to talk about different subjects but the main focus stays around sensitive skin care.

I have sensitive skin and get pink face in many conditions, one can be cold snowy weather

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