Daily care for my sensitive skin

What is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is not an actual diagnosis but it means the skin is easily irritated by many factors such as environmental condition like cold, sun, dust or some topical products and allergic contact dermatitis. If the skin gets dry or dehydrated it is more prone to get irritated and itchy. There are some other factors that may cause sensitive skin such as air pollution, lack of sleep, hormonal changes during menstrual cycle or pregnancy. If you have very severe sensitive skin, it’s better to consult with a dermatologist instead of trial and error.

What do I do to soothe my skin? When it comes to daily care I prefer keep it easy and simple, something that in busy days or in my lazy days I can still follow, so I use my “moisture boost serum”. It makes my skin hydrated, not itchy and no more pink/red patches, no more skin stretching, woo hoo!!!! that’s a big deal, people with sensitive skin get the idea. It’s easy to apply, absorbs well on skin and feels good. I am not advertising any brand, but I share my experiences that may help you.

The gel absorbs quickly to skin and provides nice amount of moisture however to reserve the moisture and have a softer looking you need a cream after that. What i found really helpful for my sensitive skin is anti-redness moisturizing cream. It’s very light and very soothing.

my every day moisturizer

I don’t always use both of them, there are days that I feel like using one of them, why not? I am easy and keep everything super soft and easy, no stress over anything, key for nicer looking skin, believe me!

Using these products makes me feel that I am actually seeing my real face color instead of red/pink and itchy all the time.

Now, you can use your regular makeup, you can read my post about makeup for sensitive skin.

If you have a very sensitive skin never use a product that you are not sure about it, always try it on a small area of your skin that is not normally very sensitive like on your hand instead of your face, if you are trying on your face use the border of the face instead of the center.

what is your favorite routine?

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