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Ugly gifts ideas for mother’s day 2021

That’s because you think too much about a nice gift. You have the same sort of situation every year. In the end, you are not always very proud of your taste. My strategy is to be easy and follow your sense. Consider yourself as your mom, what makes you happy. As a mom, I have enough of last-second drawing or no effort painting or one-minute handcraft jewellery. Please buy me something nice that I want but I don’t normally buy. So I am trying to collect ugly gift ideas for mother’s day this year 2021.

Why do you buy pots and pans?

I really don’t understand why some people buy pots, pans or any kitchenware. Think about the impression it gives to that person. That’s more like you are trying to send a message: “mom I know you are trying so hard to cook delicious food every day but you don’t have proper tools so your efforts don’t go that far. from now on you can try harder with new cookware, you may have better success at pleasing the whole family”. I think we are asking our moms to spend more time in the kitchen. haven’t they already spent enough on cooking and cleaning?

Imagine someone buys you a cutlery organizer as a gift (I really need that), how do you feel? Surely you get mad especially if you are not an organized person. Not only you don’t appreciate, you may think you are insulted.

So forget about kitchen cookware, tools, utensil and anything related to cooking.

Handmade or homemade gifts for mother day 2021

Other ugly gift ideas for mother’s day

If you are not an artist, if you are not a professional painter; don’t try to impress your mom with those not aesthetically pleasing pieces of art. You have already impressed your mom at 4 or 5 years old when you were at daycare. If you really like something artistic to give as a gift simply buy it from artists, although I love my own painting and my mom already kept some of them.

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I love my own watercolour painting and I can give them as mother’s day gift to my mom.

Don’t buy a piece of clothing for mother’s day 2021

Buying a pair of jeans or sneakers won’t be a good idea. If your mom always wears jeans and sneakers, you don’t have to buy the same thing she already has enough of. If she never wears those kinds of clothes she may not like them at all and she may not ever wear them even if you buy them as a gift. Don’t try to change her taste. I think a piece of clothing is a difficult choice to impress someone.

Buy a mother’s day gift to impress

I was going through the makeup and skincare section of the pharmacy where I work, there were a huge set of different colours and pretty bottles and packaging. I am not saying buying makeup is a good idea, I am saying something fancy can be more impressive. Skincare products are very good ideas not just sunscreen, a nice fancy set, or a set of eye shadows. or a box of colourful nail polishes.

You never go wrong by buying a piece of jewellery. Believe me! Try it and you’ll see it yourself. I always got so happy no matter how big or little of receiving a necklace or a bracelet.

An image of a few necklace and jewellery in a white background to discuss ugly gift ideas for mother's day. .
Women’s are passionate about jewelry, moms are no exception.

Enjoy the day and hang out with your mom as much as you can. I already put some gift ideas before in my blog you can see them here.

Love you!!!

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