Risks of makeup for young girls

What’s wrong if my daughter wants to use my makeup? is it ok? is it toxic? what are the long term effects?

Cosmetics are attractive, who can deny the beauty of colors, in fact the kids love colors even more. Obviously they love to have them and use them.

The kids can’t resist colors, neither do we.

Most of us feel more attractive, more beautiful and more wanted with at least a bit of color on our face. The kids are the same, they like to attract more attention.

However using cosmetic are not free of risk, especially if we use them often on a regular basis. There are lots of different chemicals put together to make a cosmetic product. Being a chemical does not mean it is dangerous, however many chemicals may cause reaction especially on sensitive skin and the kids skin may be even more sensitive and delicate.

Lead has been found in cosmetic as one of the impurities. It is known to be toxic for human. FDA determined that maximum level of 10 ppm of lead in cosmetic products does not pose a health risk based on the available research and most of the products tested for lead had below this amount.

However some researchers believe any amount of heavy metal such as lead in cosmetics might be dangerous especially because they are used in daily basis and in direct contact with skin or mucous membrane. Among cosmetics lipsticks might be of more concern.

So what do we do for our kids?

I think we always need to educate our kids and try to increase their self esteem to limit the use of makeup. After all they are truly beautiful without makeup. Check out my tapping post.

We, as their role model, have to show confidence built on our qualities not on layers of makeup. Of course little bit of makeup to shine out our natural beauty is fine, but too much can be a mask that hides real beauty, that’s especially true for the pretty face of the kids.

I always read and check all ingredients but not every thing is listed.

Eventually if our kids want to use makeup anyway, it’s better to be super careful about what they use. The best probably are the ones for sensitive skin or the products that are based on natural products.

Do you have to deal with this problem? what is your solution? do you have any experience about the products especially designed for the kids?

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