How Emotional freedom techniques EFT affects beauty

Once I was searching for some uplifting contents I came across a video by Brad Yates that I really liked it, everything was very new for me, that was the first time I heard about tapping. So I searched more and I liked it more.

What is EFT?

Emotional freedom techniques is a from of intervention that is based on the same principal as acupuncture but there is no needles involved. Instead we use our fingers to tap on our body ‘s energy meridian points.

What are meridian points?

  • Karate chop in hand
  • Top of the head
  • Inner eyebrow
  • Side of the eyes
  • Under eye
  • Under nose
  • Chin point
  • Inner collarbone
  • Under arm

It is believed by tapping on these point you create balance on your energy system and solve an issue. In acupuncture needles are used to apply pressure on these points, in tapping you softly tap on these point.

People use this technique to address an issue like negative emotion, depression, stress and anxiety or simply it can be used to achieve higher vibration.

Here, my goal of this post is to share my personal experience with tapping. About the detail of tapping you can easily find tons of information and videos online.

What I really like about it and I learned from this technique is the fact that

  • I acknowledge the problem, not ignoring it
  • I accept myself as I am and I express my love and appreciation to myself while tapping.

I taught tapping to my kids, they normally don’t follow my recommendations as much as I want them to do, I know normally kids are like that, but surprisingly they follow me in this one and they appreciate how it works for them to calm them down.

My daughter uses it when she wants to go to sleep and get rid of negative emotions that she might have during the day at school. My son uses it to make sure he is going to have good dreams.

I personally believe that we can relate it to the inside beauty and self esteem. We can use tapping along with other physical care for our health, beauty and self respect.

How can I use tapping to see more beauty?

Let’s start tapping with these words ans see how it works:

  • I choose to see more of my beauty and I choose to love and accept myself
  • I choose to see more beauty and abundance and I choose to love and honor myself
  • I choose to see more magic and I choose to love, honor and accept myself
  • I choose to clear whatever limiting me from having more beauty and abundance
  • I choose to give myself greater permission to experience more beauty, magic and abundance
  • and there are many more words that you can use to uplift yourself from inside

Can you share your experiences? are you a regular tapper?

Important note! As an health care professional I never recommend EFT tapping to patients having any medical conditions. Certainly this is not a replacement for any treatment recommended by a physician. Although there are many scientific articles studying the efficacy of tapping on different health conditions, non of them so far can claim that they have enough evidence to replace a treatment by tapping. Tapping is still in preliminary stage for a treatment

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