Health and beauty concerns about coronavirus

Since the spread of coronavirus, more attentions are focusing toward the prevention or treatment rather than beauty. Of course we are concerned about beauty when we are healthy. I’d like to mention a few points.

How dangerous is Coronavirus?

All kind of viruses that attack respiratory system may have the potential to be dangerous. Let’s not to be too scared than the real danger. The difference between this virus and influenza is the fact that it infects lower respiratory tract (that might be the scary part) and normally coronavirus infection is not accompanied with sore throat.

Some people may be at higher risk and have to be more cautious:

  • People with cardiac or respiratory disorders like asthma or COPD, diabetic patients, or any other chronic disease that require follow-up.
  • residents (of any age) of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.
  • all persons ≥65 y
  • all children 6–59 months
  • all pregnant women (all trimesters)

Older people are particularly in danger because their immune system may be weaker and they may have other chronic diseases like diabetes or asthma that can be hard for their body to manage fighting with virus.

We can take some steps to prevent the coronavirus and any other flu virus:

  • Wash hands often; use hand sanitizer if water and soap are not available.
  • Cough/sneeze into tissues (or into a sleeve if tissues are not available) and throw all used tissues into the garbage.
  • If flu symptoms are present, stay home from work or school and do not visit hospitals, nursing homes or individuals at high risk of influenza-related complications

So far the best therapy is boosting our immune system, how can we do that:

  • Proper sleeping habits, enough sleeping at night helps the immune system to be ready to protect us from any foreign pathogen.
  • Consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is another major step
  • Regular exercise
  • Keep yourself hydrated, water is the best drink, you can also drink your favorite tea in moderation, herbal teas are good option.

Drinking water is particularly so beneficial for general health and specially for the glowing skin.

Eventually let’s do some tapping for health and beauty.

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