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Thoughtful Father’s day gift ideas, ETSY Canada, amazon or Walmart

Do you agree with me? There is no joyful, juicy fun event without a superb elegant shopping!

Father’s day is no exception.

Make it even more joyful and memorable with thoughtful shopping.  Let’s get prepared and expand the joy.

Where to start?!!

Etsy Canada, Amazon and Walmart offer great items for father’s day, You can easily find nice items in those websites and order them online,


You can be very considerate to pick something beneficial at the same time make a great present that brings out a lovely smile and a happy face.

I am talking about skincare.

Have you ever consider skincare as presents for the men in your family? Of course, they deserve a healthy-looking skin like women.

This year you can easily direct your shopping based on health research.

According to Harvard health publishing, analysis of data from a national survey has shown that less than 15% of men regularly use enough sunscreen.

Although the growing male skincare market demonstrates the increasing interest of the men to improve their look and correct skin problems, there are still far fewer men who care about their skin.

Probably the only skincare routine practiced by most men is daily shaving. So they mainly use the products addressing male facial hair such as shaving products, aftershave treatment and so on, however not enough sunscreen or moisturizing.

Even though studies on the biophysical properties of the skin between men and women demonstrated some differences in skin pigmentation, thickness or sebum content, those differences don’t justify not applying required skincare e.g. sunscreens.

thoughtful Father's day gift ideas, skincare and personalized items from Etsy Canada, walmart and Amazon
Thoughtful Father’s day presents ideas, skincare products based on health research

So start from making a nice basket of essential skincare including sunscreen and moisturizers.

These baskets always can get personalized based on your tastes and your loved ones. Choose the sunscreen according to his skin needs. You can check my article about sunscreen, I provided lots of information here.

In amazon and Walmart, there are lots of trusted-brands skincare products plus many more different fashionable items specific for the men that you can order online.

  • Skincare products
  • Arts and collectible
  • Designed and carved office supply such as pen or phone case

From Etsy Canada, you can order stylish clothing, art and collectibles, craft supplies and vintage. Just browsing this website gives you a lot of great gift ideas for any occasion.

a board showing different pictures of items from Etsy Canada that can be gifts for father's day
Father’s day gifts from Etsy Canada

The most important participants of fathers day celebrations are the kids, so let them get engaged in preparing the gifts. Their preparations are so precious.

A board of different kids crafts for father's day
Kids Craft can be the best father’s day gift

Enjoy the day and have fun.

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